Academic Publications


Below are a list of academic journal articles based on this research project:

Kracker Selzer, Amy and Patrick Heller. "The Spatial Dynamics of Middle Class Formation in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Enclavization and Fragmentation in Johannesburg" — for a copy of this paper please email Amy Kracker at

Schensul, Daniel. 2008. "Remaking an Apartheid City: State-led Spatial Transformation in Post-Apartheid Durban, South Africa." PhD Dissertation, Dept. of Sociology, Brown University. Available for download here. The author can be contacted at

Schensul, Daniel. 2008. "From Resources to Power: The State and Spatial Change in Post-Apartheid Durban, South Africa." Studies in Comparative Development." 43:290-313.

Schensul, Daniel and Patrick Heller. 2007. "The Post-Apartheid City:New Spatial Structures of Race and Class in Durban, South Africa." Preliminary Report. Available for download here.

Schensul, Daniel and Patrick Heller. 2010. "Legacies, Change and Transformation in the Post-Apartheid City: Towards an Urban Sociological Cartography." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.