The data available on this website comes from the 1996 and 2001 census conducted by Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) as well as from government agencies in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Census Data:

All of the data in the drop down categories come from the 1996 and 2001 South African census conducted by StatsSA and is aggregated to the 2001 subplace unit. This is the smallest unit for which the data is available in both 1996 and 2001. Between these two years, some of the boundaries for subplaces were redrawn by StatsSA. In order to make boundaries consistent across the two years, all 1996 data has been aggregated to the 2001 subplace boundaries. Where boundaries were inconsistent between the two years, a portion of the 1996 population was reassigned to within the boundaries of the 2001 subplace based on the proportion of overlapping area.

Infrastructure Data:

All of the additional infrastructure data not included in the drop down categories were collected from various government agencies in each of the three cities. When possible, we have included infrastructure files from 1996 and 2001 in order to maintain comparability between this data and the census data. However, because of when measurements were taken, this is not always possible. To the best of our ability, we have included the data that is closest to these dates. Additionally, when possible we have included the most recent infrastructure files. The healthcare facilities data is based on information collected from the National Department of Health.

For both the census and infrastructure data, there are some units for which data for particular variables was unavailable. When mapping census data, these units will appear in gray. In the tables associated with the census and infrastructure data, a missing value is indicated by a -99 or a -999.

As new data becomes available, this website will be updated.

We would like to thank all of those who have assisted in providing this data.