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To see the team's initial report (January 2006) assessing who lived in the damaged neighborhoods, click here. Initial news coverage by The New York Times and Los Angeles Times draws attention especially to the question of who would be part of the future New Orleans, especially relevant since recent data show that the city iremains permanently smaller than it was before. A short segment on Earth and Sky (radio) points to the specific question of whose voice were expected to be heard in the policy process.

A second report focuses on the turnout for the mayoral primary and runoff elections that were held in March and April, 2005. Click here for an analysis of how the results were affected by post-Katrina displacement. An early version of this report was also the basis for a story in the New Orleans Times Picayune.

A major emphasis of our historical research on Gulf Coast hurricanes has been to estimate the intensity and geographical extent of wind damage and storm surge from every hurricane since 1950. Click here for an overview of our methodology and findings. A map for each individual hurricane is available here . Shape files of these maps can be downloaded from here.


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