Urban Transition Project

This page links to a web-based mapping system that shows data of 39 cities at enumeration districts level and all states at county level in 1880. When you open the system, you will see a map of the continental U.S with county boundary and 39 cities with their names.

    • Zoom in or out with your mouse or the +/- tool. Type a street address or place name, even a landmark, in the box to go directly to that location. Click “Switch Basemap” to change between contemporary satellite imagery and white background.
    • To visualize population data from the census, click on the symbol in the upper left corner. This opens a box in which you can choose a variable. You can remove selected variable and choose another one
    • The selected variable will be displayed. If you are zoomed out to show a very large area, the data will be for counties. If you zoom in to cities, enumeration districts will be shown. You can open the historical maps of 39 cities. Click on a county or enumeration district to see its exact value on the variable that is displayed.
    • A tool is available along the top border to print the map as displayed. Other tools allow you to select an area using your mouse (click on points to identify the outline of the area, double click at the end to close the polygon). “Download” provides the data for the selected area in a new window.
    • Click here to see the complete variable list. This list will show you what variables are available.

Click here to enter the Urban Transition Project web-mapping system.