Multi-City Study of Urban China

The Multi-City Study of Urban China is a collaborative project of a group of scholars who have been meeting together since 2001 as a working group of the Urban China Research Network. We include:

  • Fulong Wu (Cardiff University), Chair
  • Youqin Huang (University at Albany)
  • Si-ming Li (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • John Logan (Brown University)
  • Hanlong Lu (Shanghai Academy of Social Science)
  • Zhanxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Social Science)
  • Weiping Wu (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Our goal is to promote new research on issue of urban change and spatial restructuring in Chinese cities through collection of original data, research collaborations on specific urban issues, and workshops and conferences.

Group members have assembled a unique set of recent resident surveys in a variety of cities. We welcome other scholars to consider using these data for new purposes. 

Two surveys are available for public use without restriction: the China Housing Survey conducted in 1993 by Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota) and John Logan (Brown University) and State and Life Chances in Urban China conducted in 1994 by Xueguang Zhou (Stanford University).

Use of the other more recent surveys requires prior consent by the Principal Investigator who led data collection in the city whose data will be used. 

Si-ming Li is PI for most of these datasets: Beijing (1996, 2001), Guangzhou (1996, 2001, 2005), and Shanghai (2005, to be added soon). 

Fulong Wu is PI for Nanjing (2005).

John Logan is PI for for Beijing (2006). 

Click HERE to see the list of available surveys.